Master one new skill, every month

Why you should start learning a new skill today

•  Employers are constantly looking for candidates who offer transferable abilities, so learning a new skill showcases your talent and desire to continuously improve

•  New capabilities help to strengthen our perception of the world, unlocking new opportunities, and enhancing our overall quality of life

•  It helps you to become an innovator, keeping you ahead of the competition and equipping you with the critical knowledge to tackle the 21st century.

Which skills should I learn?

The post-coronavirus world is going to be very different, with some of the significant changes we have already seen set to become more permanent. In this new world, some skills are quickly becoming an essential ability, regardless of age or location. Here are some of the essential skills you’ll need in the ‘new normal’.

If you love your brains, be a life long learner!

Learning a new skill should not need a compelling reason to start, as training for it should be a rewarding enough experience! However, learning a new skill has several proven benefits on both a personal and professional level:

Increases the health of our brains, reducing the chances of suffering from neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s or dementia.

• Allows you to become more accessible to change, helping to cultivate a positive attitude and belief that you can learn new things and be more adaptable to change in your career.

• Provides you with more options, with a broader skillset ensuring you are more flexible in terms of job positions, allowing you to build a new career path and boost your potential earnings.

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