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Learning Duration 3 Hours
Start Date Always
Prior Education None
Price EU299
Money Back Guarantee 14 Days
Develop a Growth Mindset Free
Certificate? Yes

Advantages of taking this course

  • This course is meant for professionals worldwide, active in every sector and on any level.
  • You will receive the latest information on Inclusive Leadership, which help you become more inclusive.
  • Learn about tools and techniques which you can implement today to make a difference
  • All of the information you need, to be inclusive at any time and any place

About this course

We understand how difficult it can be to address the inequality in the world, but the first step is to speak out and lead the conversation. Our Inclusive Leadership course has been designed to help you become a skilled leader, giving you the skills to speak out and discuss inequality, allyship, and acceptance. Consisting of seven modules, this course will help you to understand what diversity is, what you should (and should not!) be doing in the workplace, how to work without bias, how to create an action plan, and also how to measure the diversity of your organization effectively. End this course by creating an agreement in which you pledge your commitment to this cause

Course Topics

  1. Module What is Diversity & Inclusion (D&I)? 
  2. Module Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace: Do's & Don'ts
  3. Module No one is free from bias, including yourself
  4. Module Finding the right words to talk about D&I
  5. Module An action plan for change
  6. Module Measuring the diversity of your organization
  7. Module COVID-19 And the Inevitable importance of D&I at workplaces

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    • Jasper van Denbroucke
      Good training. Benefits are more common than you might think. The training gives a good overview of different bias that surround us every day. The practical examples have helped us to cope with everyday situations full of bias. This course has changed my and my colleagues' perspective on Diversity & Inclusion. Through this training, we will be more aware of prejudices.
      Jasper van Denbroucke
      AKKA Technologies Belgie
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