Growth Mindset Summary

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Learning Duration 1 Hours
Start Date Always
Prior Education None
Price Free
Certificate? Yes

Advantages of taking this course

  • Every course on starts with the mini-course on developing a Growth Mindset.
  • During every course, we will encourage you to develop your Growth Mindset further.
  • The ultimate goal is to consistently use this mindset in your daily life, not only during our courses.
  • After this growth Mindset mini-course, you are ready to develop every skill you can learn on successfully.

About this course

Every course on starts with the mini-course on developing a Growth Mindset. This course is also freely available when you’re not taking a course on SkillGenie. This course is free for everyone because the creators of the e-learning platform SkillGenie, together with many well-known universities, successful authors, and consultancy firms, believe that having a Growth Mindset leads to success.

It is important to remember that we are all a mixture of both mindsets. Some days we might take failure as a lesson and view ourselves and others as being able to change, and on other days you might believe that you’re not good enough. It is important to get daily reminders to help combat this, which will help you steer away from the Fixed Mindset. This is why the courses on are full of regular reminders for building a Growth Mindset

Course Topics

  • Where the Growth Mindset comes from
  • What the Growth Mindset is
  • What the advantages of the Growth mindset are 
  • Why some people struggle with having a Growth Mindset

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    • Faisa Awad
      This SkillGenie course has helped me enormously in the field of Growth Mindset. Previously I became paralyzed with every setback, but now I deal with it differently. I learned how to deal with setbacks more easily and to continue. In addition, I have realized that I should not be too strict with myself. This course is a must for people with cognitive distortion and performance anxiety.
      Faisa Awad
      Naturalization lawyer
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