Inclusive Leadership

Inclusive Leadership

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Every day, we should strive to be more inclusive in our personal and professional lives. The first step towards addressing inequality in the world is to speak up about it and lead meaningful conversations. But actual change begins with you! Your business and organization should be genuinely inclusive. Take this course to understand Diversity and Inclusion on a deeper level and figure out the action plan you need to adopt to play your role in making this world and your organization a diversity-friendly and inclusive place!

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    This workshop was very inspiring and it taught me a lot of new stuff

    It was very inspiring

    Raisa delivered an incredible Masterclass about Unconscious bias during the Hackathon organized by the Ministerie of SZW. It was the best Unconscious Bias training I have attended so far. Really informative, clearly described concepts of bias, delivered in a very amusing way. It was a treat to look and listen to Raisa.

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