30 Day Female Leadership Challenge

30 Day Female Leadership Challenge

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Course Description

The Women’s Leadership Strategy With Weekly Coaching, Community and Ongoing Support.

What’s included in this course?

Learn about the most important barriers in Female Leadership and why you need a blueprint for reaching your goals. This blueprint is the Strategy for Female Leadership!

No one ever became successful by doing everything by themselves. The key to success is having an influential network of sponsors, mentors and partners, who can support you in every step of the way. Learn how to build this network, strengthen your relationships and demonstrate excellence.

Establishing yourself as an authority in your field is an art form that we haven’t all mastered yet. Use the step-by-step plan to explain your journey to becoming an expert smoothly. Anywhere, anytime

It’s essential to focus on setting healthy boundaries and to learn tips and tricks to negotiate more effectively


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    Last Friday was a revolutionary day for women who are in Leadership position and for those who aspire to be. The High Tech Tea: Building Female Leadership Skills event was a great event and one of the best that I have attended. The speakers touched on topics which were so very enlightening and insightful.

    Thank you beautiful and powerful women

    Thank you so much for your contribution. Very good advice, wish I could go back in time with this advice. Would have made my life much easier.

    It was very interesting , informative, interactive and I met nice people! Can’t wait for next time!

    (about the topic of salary negotiations) I am so happy this topic is discussed as well! I always feel a bit insecure about negotiating salary. Thank you so much.

    Thanks so much Raisa for having me at the High Tech Tea and for organizing such an inspiring event. Kudos to you, your team and all of your guests. Cheers

    (about recruitment tips) Interesting. I never appreciated or understood the value of asking questions at the end until now. Wauw.

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