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1.5m Economy

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The Pandemic has dramatically impacted the way we interact with each other. Due to the highly contagious nature of COVID-19, we can not resume our normal work operations without having proper safety measures in place. This course will equip you with the appropriate knowledge, tools, and practices to ensure that you, your employees, and your customers remain safe in your workplace. So, take this course today if you expect to go back to work soon!


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    The course helps in creating awareness and preventing infection. The recently added information is helpful. You will be able to create a new lifestyle with this information.
    Growth Mindset e-learning (when asked if they would recommend this course to colleagues or their employer)

    The employees of the company where I work can learn a lot from this training. This allows them to work on their mindset, which will hopefully help them do the job better.

    This course is 100% recommended to my employer as I believe it will change the attitude of employees towards each other. If employees develop their growth mindset, the organizational goals can be realized more quickly.

    I recommend this course because within state-owned companies there are enough employees with a fixed mindset (for example): I was hired to do the administration and that’s it. People don’t have a passion for work

    I will propose this to my employer, because this can motivate the employees extra as we have started with the new-normal work situation

    I will recommend this course to others at work. The course will boost my employer’s mindset and he will also discover which mindset can make him more successful. A growth mindset gives a positive attitude.

    I would certainly recommend this course to my employer, because he too can sometimes have a fixed mindset and can recognize that in other colleagues and that way we can support each other to have the growth mindset as much as possible.

    This course is important for everyone because continuous learning is an attitude that must be developed in every employee. This will ensure that employees develop a passion to continue to learn in their life.

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