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I am Raisa Ghazi: A political Scientist on a mission to reduce workplace inequalities and promoting diversity & inclusion in the tech space. I strive to spread awareness about diversity, inclusion, and inequality through my position as an advisor on various prominent channels and as an educator. I am committed to helping the Netherlands reduce technology bias, and I am diligently working as a speaker, an advisor, and an activist towards this cause!

I strive to spread awareness about diversity, inclusion and inequality through my position as an advisor on various prominent channels as well as an educator. I am committed to helping the Netherlands reduce technology bias and I am diligently working as a speaker, an advisor and an activist towards this cause!

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“I believe the topic of inclusion and discrimination in technology is becoming significantly more important. I want to create more awareness in the workplace about these topics and what can be done to reduce bias in technology and become more ethical in tech."

I specialize in:

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Check out my workshop on Anti-Discrimination in AI for the Government and the Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science

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"It’s very pleasant listening to Raisa. She’s very clear in her communications. The Growth Mindset information which she shared was incredibly interesting. I feel motivated after her session. “ Workshop participant

Why I founded SkillGenie and My vision behind it

For many years I worked in commercial companies, helping them reach profitable results. Side by side, I got involved with several initiatives that promoted equality, but I never committed to reducing inequality on a full-time basis.

I was pretty observant, and I could easily see how inequality heavily affected the people I worked with and hired. I could also see how inequality in the workplace and society affected my family personally. But they had the self-confidence to overcome these barriers and live a fulfilling life.

But for many others, I could see that the opposite was true. They didn’t have self-confidence, and they quickly doubted themselves whenever society told them they weren’t good enough. Their lack of opportunities led them to an unfulfilled life!

The feeling of wanting to make a difference started to itch me. After contemplating for a year on what to do, I decided to take the plunge.

That’s how SkillGenie was born. I built this e-learning platform to help people learn about inequality. With SkillGenie, I aim to make information on reducing inequality accessible to everyone.

Learning about inequality can be confronting to people. It makes them feel uncomfortable at times. It can even make them feel guilty .... That’s why learning in the comfort of your own space, all by yourself, can do wonders.

But SkillGenie is not just about creating awareness on how to be more inclusive. It’s also about creating more awareness about inequality in this world and its effects on us. It’s essential to realize this, rather than letting the voices of our society tell you that you’re not good enough.

Learning about inequality is a necessity. No matter what your privileges or barriers are. We all will benefit from understanding how power is divided and which mechanisms hold structures into place.

That’s the motivation behind the mission of SkillGenie: To make information that promotes equality in the workplace accessible to everyone.


SkillGenie: Not just an E-learning Platform

We don’t just develop customized training for organizations that require diversity & inclusion training, but we also offer:

We define our impact by the development of inclusive attitudes towards topics related to inequality in the workplace. We measure our impact by:

1- Regularly surveying/polling the beliefs and attitudes of the participants of our training and workshops.

2- Testing the implicit associations of our participants


In 2018, I also founded a non-profit organization, High Tech Tea:

A platform that promotes D&I in tech through bi-annual events funded by the government & corporate partners.

It provides coaching for budding women entrepreneurs and has 300+ members as of today!

The High Tech Tea was invented to connect and inspire women in tech. Women represent less than 16% of IT specialists in the Netherlands, which leaves the IT branch heavily unbalanced and needs diversity. The High Tech Tea tries to create an inspiring and powerful environment where women can unite, share experiences, and elevate each other to the next level.

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