Female Leadership Summary

Course Details

Total Learning Duration 30 days
Daily Learning Duration 30 minutes
Start Date Always
Prior Education None
Price EU99

Advantages of Taking the Challenge

  • Craft your Female Leadership Strategy in 30 days
  • Take daily action to empower your Female Leadership skills
  • Overcome workplace barriers faced by women across the globe
  • Share your journey with other women on the course forum
  • Recognize the value you bring

About this course

When you are already facing an uphill climb, you will need some help and assistance along the way to get to the top. To advance in your career in today’s age, you need to plan, strategize and take action. Female Leadership is about overcoming the many forces which stop women from reaching leadership positions. In this course, you will learn about necessary skills to defeat barriers to Female Leadership, an action guide to acquire these skills, and how to make skills stick in the long term. 

Outline topics

    Week 1
  1. Module 1. The Most Important Barriers to Female Leadership
  2. Module 2. The 5 Most Common Types of Bias Women Face
  3. Module 3. A Strategy and Action plan for Demonstrating Female Leadership
  4. Week 2
  5. Module 4. Being a visible leader
  6. Module 5. Promote yourself to the top
  7. Bonus module: Accepting Compliments with Open Arms
  8. Week 3
  9. Module 6. Recognize the value you bring and say NO
  10. Bonus module: Setting Boundaries with Clients and Colleagues
  11. Module 7. Negotiating in the workplace
  12. Bonus module: Body Language to Demonstrate Power
    Week 4
  14. Module 8. Beating Imposter Syndrome in 10 steps
  15. Module 9. Continued Growth through Mentorship & Sponsors
  16. Bonus module: Powerful Leaders aren’t Afraid to Ask for Help

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    • Jasper van Denbroucke
      Good training. Benefits are more common than you might think. The training gives a good overview of different bias that surround us every day. The practical examples have helped us to cope with everyday situations full of bias. This course has changed my and my colleagues' perspective on Diversity & Inclusion. Through this training, we will be more aware of prejudices.
      Jasper van Denbroucke
      AKKA Technologies Belgie
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