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Learning Duration 3 Hours
Start Date Always
Prior Education None
Price EU150
Money Back Guarantee 14 Days
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Certificate? Yes

Advantages of taking this course


  • With modules specifically developed for retail owners, hospitality, and the cultural sector.
  • Suitable for anyone who’s going back to work during the pandemic.

About this course

The current coronavirus is a highly transmittable disease. This means that within a short period of time, millions have become very sick.

When you keep enough distance from others (at minimum 6 feet) and regularly wash your hands, the chances of infections are minimal.

In many countries, the lockdowns are being lifted at least partially, and people return to work. Understandably, many are worried about how safe the workplace can be during this worldwide pandemic.

Employers and organizations can fight the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. In this course, you will receive concrete tools and materials to make sure that your employees can be safe and healthy

Course Topics

  • Module 1.1. What is the coronavirus?
  • Module 1.2. An introduction: the current situation
  • Module 2. Behavior in the workplace 
  • Module 3.1. Hygiene in the workplace
  • Module 3.2. A paperless workplace
  • Module 4. Safe social interactions
  • Module 5. Hygienic work meetings
  • Module 6. We're in this together
  • Module 7. Retail
  • Module 8. Hospitality
  • Module 9. Cultural sector

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    • The 1.5M course is a very practical and compact course to apply all the rules surrounding the new corona measures in practice. Also handy for the staff. Very recommendable.
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