The course Working Remotely has helped me achieve more during a very challenging time. I’m always trying to learn new skills. I really believe that lifelong learning is the key to success in business

Marc van der HamABN AMRO bank

Learning more about Working Remotely on SkillGenie.io has helped me in my job. I’m always reading up on skills to make me successful. I believe lifelong learning is the key to success in business

Marc van der HamABN AMRO bank

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Inclusive Recruitment

Recruiters are the gatekeepers of culture of an organisation, hence Talent Acquisition has a huge impact on building a diverse organisation. However, the culture of any organization begins at the recruitment stage, and the right talent acquisition is crucial to developing a diverse and inclusive environment. Becoming an inclusive recruiter requires an entirely neutral approach, and research has shown that by doing so you can attract more diverse, talented candidates.
Inclusive Recruitment

Inclusive Leadership

Our Inclusive Leadership course has been designed to help you become a skilled leader, giving you the skills to speak out and discuss inequality, allyship, and acceptance. Consisting of seven modules, this course will help you to understand what diversity is, what you should (and should not!) be doing in the workplace, how to work without bias, how to create an action plan, and also how to measure the diversity of your organization effectively.
Inclusive Leadership

1.5m Economy

Employers and organizations can fight the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. In this course you will receive concrete tools and materials to make sure that your employees can be safe and healthy.
1.5M Economy
Day 1 Welcome to the 30 day Female Leadership Challenge

30 Day Female Leadership Challenge

When you are already facing an uphill climb, you will need some help and assistance along the way to get to the top. To advance in your career in today’s age, you need to plan, strategize and take action. Female Leadership is about overcoming the many forces which stop women from reaching leadership positions. In this course, you will learn about necessary skills to defeat barriers to Female Leadership, an action guide to acquire these skills, and how to make skills stick in the long term.
Female Leadership
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